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“KEGGERNAUT”  Two head semi-automatic keg washer


Semi-Automatic Keg Washer - Requirements:

  • Air source  50-100 psi

  • CO2 source  30-45 psi

  • Water source 40-60psi

  • 208/230V 60hz  3 Phase Power Standard (Other Options Available)


Cleaning Cycle Process:

  •  Drain - any remaining fluid in the keg is drained.

  • Keg Rinse - this cycle helps to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning agent.

  • Super Clean - the heated high pressure wash combined with the cleaning agent ensures the kegs are thoroughly cleaned.

  • Keg Rinse - a second rinse cycle ensures cleaning agent is properly flushed.

  • CO2-Flush any remaining water from rince or air is evacuated from keg.

  • Final Purge - Keg is pressurized with CO2 to desired P.S.I